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Cow Leather

  • Cow Giarda Black

    cow hides obtained at Zaria abatour, Nigeria.

  • cow giarda brown

    It is suppler and softer because of the presence of lanolin in the leather.

  • cow giarda mocca

    Cow giarda (tata) mocca leather is more durable overall when compared with goatskin because of its thicker hide.

  • cow giarda mustan

    cow giarda (tata) mustan provides you with an incredible number of benefits. With a closer look at what a cowhide rug has to offer, you may see that this is the material that you want to use when dressing up your home décor.

  • cow giarda black (perforated)

    Cow giarda (tata) black (perforated), they also wear out more quickly. Calfskin: Calfskin provides players with a great blend of softness, thinness and durability.